Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink in Kalispell, MT

All you need to know about buying stainless steel kitchen sinks.

Stainless steel kitchen sinks are available as either under mount or inset versions and are available with a single or double bowl.

Under mount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Under mount steel kitchen sinks fit directly under the kitchen counter surface, so the rim of the kitchen sink is not visible. These types of steel sinks work really well in contemporary settings and where you have a particularly beautiful stone counter surface to show off, as more surface area will be revealed.

Double Bowl Under mount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Double bowl under mount sinks can be very practical, as you can utilize the smaller bowl for draining plates, rinsing food, or mulching food in a waste disposal unit. I did discover a small issue a couple of years ago, where a client of mine installed two separate under mount sinks and she put a piece of granite between the two sinks "a granite bridge". The issue was that she would often catch the side of the granite when she transferred pots and pans from one bowl to the other and this did cause a small chip in the granite, which fortunately we were able to polish out for her. If you are worried about this happening then opt for an integral under mount sink so that you do not need to include a grainite bridge between the two bowls. Always make sure you supply the actual sink to the granite fabricator so that the sink cut out matches perfectly.

Inset Stainless Steel Sinks

Inset steel sinks are designed to drop on to the surface of a counter-top. stainless steel kitchen sink in Kalispell, MT. stainless steel kitchen sink in Kalispell, MT. Because the rim of the sink wraps over the sink hole it is possible to use these sinks on laminate surfaces and materials with a grain, like wood or bamboo. Generally inset sinks are rectangle or square, so the cut out is less difficult and thus a little less costly. Inset stainless sinks come in a veriety of bowl configurations, so you should be able to find the one that is right for you.

Care & Maintenance

Cleaning stainless steel kitchen sinks is easy as the material is robust and durable. Most household cleaners are fine to use on stainless steel, but do keep away from any products that contain bleach and never leave bleach to soak in the sink as it could discolour or damage the surface. Generally a little anti bacterial washing up liquid and a soft sponge scourer are all you need to keep our stainless steel sinks looking great for years to come.

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